The first Camera Repair Workshop post. Did you know what was inside your camera?



About Camera Repair Workshop

Konica Minolta and Fuji repair specialist at The Camera Repair Workshop in Milton Keynes.
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3 Responses to The first Camera Repair Workshop post. Did you know what was inside your camera?

  1. Unkie Mark says:

    Do you service and clean Minolta AF lenses? If so, I apparently have mould and/or haze in my Minolta AF 28-135mm F/4-4.5 ‘Secret Handshake’ lens. How much would this cost? As for the 10% off sensor cleaning voucher you currently have, is the price listed inclusive or the discount and VAT or not? I would also consider sending my A850 for a service/clean to include the focus screen. If all this could be done, I’d like a costing please. TIA.

    • Hi, yes, we do service and clean Minolta lenses. Please call on 01908 378088, for further information. The normal price for sensor clean is £30, or £35 for Full Frame Pro Camera. There is no additional VAT, but postage charges apply. The discount voucher gives you 10% off the normal price, hope this helps.

      • Unkie Mark says:

        Thanks for the reply. Would you be able to give the A850 focus screen a clean as well as the sensor as it has ingress in the corners and I’m not sure how to clean this properly? I was hoping to replace it with an L Type screen, but these are now too expensive new (they were £15.00), so unless you have a used one knocking around somewhere that could be swapped over . . . .

        I also find the sensor keeps producing moisture blobs even though it’s stored in my camera bag at room temperature and has a silica gel pack in there as well. Most annoying when using for the first time post cleaning to see blobs in the sky (I shoot aviation with a Min AF 300/2.8 HS G). I do have both wet and dry sensor cleaning kits, but thought maybe a pro clean and check would be a sensible thing to do (do you also use any form of anti-static dust cleaning in the lens chamber as part of the service)?

        I will call you for an overall costing. Thank you.

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